Peaceful Takeover

A slow and unwitting destruction. Mainly freeform fingerpaintings with oil sticks.

2015 - 2016








The Emotional

While I knew to avoid the blatantly awful, I never knew the kind of blow a soft, quiet and passive person could deliver. And I had to learn this lesson twice.

The Physical

The paintings became looser and more chaotic as I abandoned my old painting accoutrements (brushes, paint thinner, paint tubes etc) in favor of plastic gloves. I began applying paint directly with oil sticks and smearing it with my hands. All the later paintings were approached with zero planning so the process would become a lot more "mindless." This series is definitely tangentially related to "Idle forms," my first painting collection, with it's interest in organic forms above all else but while the forms were tighly contained 10 years prior, they were now a lot less studied and a lot more coarse.